Just B, Membership Information: I designed my membership with the weekly/bi-weekly client in mind, as a way to save money while still getting the best possible service at a discounted rate as often as possible in order to maintain a healthy treatment plan at an affordable rate. Memberships cost $120.00 for 12 months of discounted service and discounts, which go into effect the day of membership purchase or first appointment after joining (gift certificates etc.) Savings i.e: 2 x 60 minute sessions per month @ $60= $120.00 per month/ 2 x 60 Minute sessions @ $45.00= 90.00 (membership rate) that is a savings of $370.00 a YEAR (counting the birthday gift) and you are NOT limited to discounts, you can come every week if you wish.

Member Benefits Include but not limited to:

  • Min 25% discount on ALL services (member pricing in yellow on service menu)
  • Priority Booking- Members receive the weekly schedule before it is posted or sent to other clients which also means if you want the same time frame as another client, the member will always take priority.
  • Priority Scheduling- When making the weekly schedule I always take into account any members FIRST that haven’t been in for a time, normally come in weekly and enjoy the same time frames or have changing schedules that may need me to be in one location over the other; this allows you the security to KNOW you are a priority and tell me what best works for your schedule, even if it changes per week. You can notify me in advance of your schedule and I will be happy to accommodate days or evening hours. Just because it isn’t listed doesn’t mean it isn’t doable. Don’t hesitate to ask!
  • All ‘Just B’ Members receive $10.00 discount the month of their birthday as an added ‘Thank you’ for becoming a member.
  • No Cancellation or No Show Fee: First time client has a “no call/no show” or doesn’t cancel the appointment within 24 hours of the appointment will be excused with warning the first time but each “No Call” after the first time will be a MINIMUM of $25.00 Charge. Life happens, circumstances come up that are out of our control, I know that more now than ever but I rarely make the same mistake more than twice and I am hoping this little addition to ‘policy’ will help people to understand the importance of notification. MEMBERS though, do NOT have to live by these rules. AS a member this is your personal schedule conflict insurance, only after the third NC/NS or Cancellation will I take away your birthday gift and even then I probably won’t.
  • NEW FOR 2017: Book Ten Sessions get your 11th session for FREE!!!! ***MUST be purchased within the 12 month period of your membership.